Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wooden Bunny Necklace DIY

Hello Everyone,
As promised, today I'm going to be sharing with you my own bunny DIY!

This project actually came about when I shopping at Target and found a pack of wooden bunny ornaments for only three dollars. When I saw the bunny ornaments, the first thing that came to my mind was an  ''Easter necklace''. So today I'll be showing you guys how you can transform these wooden ornaments into charms for necklaces!

Wooden Bunny Ornament
Paint Pen
Jewelry Chain
 Jump Rings (you may need some in different sizes)
Scissors (not pictured)

Step 1: Using your scissors, cut off the string from your bunny ornament. 

Step 2: Paint the front of your bunny ornament in any color of your choice. Then set it aside to dry.

Step 3: When your bunny ornament is dry, take a paint pen (in the color of your choice) and paint the edges of the ornament. Once your done painting, set your ornament aside to dry. 

Step 4: While your ornament is drying, take your jewelry chain and cut it to length you want your necklace to be. My necklace ended up being 24 inches long which means you would want 48 inches of jewelry chain. 

Step 5: At one end of your chain attach your clasp.

Step 6: Take a jump ring and attach it to your bunny charm.

Step 7: Now feed the chain through the jump ring (that your bunny is on) and slide the whole charm till its in the middle of your chain. 

Step 8: Once your bunny charm is on your chain, attach your jump ring to the other end.

When your jump ring is on, you are ready to wear your necklace!

Now if you can't find these wooden bunny ornaments at Target, you could always order these wooden rabbit cutouts from Etsy and just drill a hole in the top of them for your jump ring. 

Also if necklaces aren't your thing, you could always follow the same steps for decorating the wooden bunny but just make it into a key chain instead.

So what do you think of this wooden bunny necklace?

xo Katie 

Monday, March 30, 2015

9 Bunny Hopping DIYs

Hello Everyone,
Bunnies along with goats are quickly becoming one of my favorite little critters. There small, fuzzy, come in a variety of colors and are just so darn cute to look at. So with Easter approaching (at what seems like the speed of light) I thought it would be fun to share 9 bunny inspired DIYs. 

Bunny Foldover Clutch Sewing Tutorial
Ceramic Bunny Ring Tray DIY
DIY Tutorial Bunny Coin Purse (with Free Pattern)
DIY Bunny Chalk!!
Easter Bunny K-Cup Sleeves with Free Cut File
Dot to dot bunny shirt
$5 Elizabethan Bunny Makeovers
DIY: Peek-A-Boo Bunny Bag
Don't you just love bunnies! My favorite project from this list would definitely be the bunny ring dish. Tune in tomorrow and I'll be sharing my own bunny DIY! 

What bunny DIY is your favorite? 

xo Katie 

p.s Has anybody ever owned a rabbit for a pet? I once had a friend who had a pet rabbit but personally I've never had one. Just curious ;) 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

15 Ways To Organize Your Craft Space

Hello Everyone,
One thing that I am always doing is recognizing my craft space. Part of the reason is to keep my craft space clean and the other part (honestly) is to make room for more supplies. Organizing (in general) is something that I have never mind doing. For example, I've always been that person who loves to organize by color than reorganize those colors by specific shades. As a crafter, it just makes me happy to know that everything is in its place. Is anybody else like this? I'm probably the only one (lol). 

So since I shared my craft space a few months ago, I thought it would be fun to share 15 different organizational tips which you could use to organize your craft space. Below I listed the ideas and included some DIYs / inspirational pictures which will help get your creative but organize crafty juices flowing!

DIY Craft Storage House
1. Use a shadow box to store items like spools of thread and small bottles of glitter.
2. Use a vintage suitcase to hold bottles of acrylic paint.
3. Use a muffin tin / cupcake tin to organize beads and jewelry findings.
4. Use a silverware holder to organize paintbrushes or pens.
5. Use cute vintage planters to hold markers, pencils or small pads of paper.

Adventures in Pine Needle Basketry - part 3
6. Use baskets that you either made or brought to hold various craft supplies.
7. Use hangers with clips (that pants usually come on) to hold small amounts of fabric.
8. Use an embroidery hoop to hold your washi tapes.
9. Use a paper towel holder to hold spools of ribbon.
10. Use plastic sleeves in a binder to hold scrapbooking die cuts.

MY DIY | Hanging Jewelry Holder
11. Use jewelry holders to hold chain, blank rings and blank bangles for future jewelry projects.
12. Use items design to hold make-up as organizers for your craft supplies.
13. Use a canvas tote bag to store your scrapbooking paper.
14. Use salt and pepper shakers to hold glitter.
15. Use mason jars to hold buttons, beads and other odd-n-ends.

Organizing your crafts is not only a great way to clean up your space but its also a great way to see what you already have on hand. That way you can go out and but some more supplies ;)

What tips do you guys have about organizing your craft space?

xo Katie

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easter Cross DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have my first Easter inspired DIY! 

If you have been a follower of the blog, then you know that I love to decorate wooden pieces. One reason why I love wooden pieces is because they make a great base for creating a very simple project. Today's DIY is no exception! You don't need any fancy crafting skills to make this project and can probably create your own unique version with the craft supplies you do have on hand. 

Ok, on to the crafting! 

Wooden Cross
Scrapbooking Paper
Mod Podge
Tacky Glue
Scissors (not pictured)

Step 1: Paint your wooden cross and set it aside to dry.

Step 2: When your cross is dry, apply some Mod Podge to the top on your cross and adhere your scrapbooking paper. When your scrapbooking paper is dry, cut off the extra paper.

As a side note, I did take a little bit of sandpaper and sand off some of the paper around the cross's edges. I wanted my cross to have more of a shabby chic look but this is totally optional. 

Step 3: Using your Tacky Glue add your buttons to the center of your cross. 

When your buttons are dry, your ready to hang your cross!

Like I mention before, you could probably decorate your cross with the craft supplies you already have on hand. Since this project doesn't take that many supplies, it would be great for all those little left over bits you've been saving.

So what do you think? Do you like this Easter cross DIY? 

xo Katie

Thursday, March 19, 2015

12 Eggtastic DIYs

Hello Everyone,
Since St. Patrick's Day is now over, we can finally get on to my favorite holiday Easter!

I have always been a huge fan of Easter because of the pastel colors, cute little bunnies and (of course) the chocolate. Lately, I've been seeing tons of Easter inspired DIYs which makes me want to craft even more (lol). So to kick off my favorite time of the year, I though we could start with a round-up of Easter egg DIYs! 

Easter Egg Week: Stenciled Eggs with Martha Stewart Paints
Marbleized Easter Eggs
Easter Egg Bonnets DIY
Balloon Easter Eggs
DIY Typography Easter Eggs
Golden marbled Easter eggs DIY
DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs
Narwal Easter Eggs
{everyday party} neon dip-dyed eggs...
DIY Party: Confetti Egg Game
Easter Egg Week: Neon Sticker Eggs
All of these Easter eggs put my egg decorating skills to shame. I mean, narwhal Easter eggs! Can you get any cuter? 

What is your favorite Easter egg design? 

xo Katie
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