Monday, August 24, 2015

Resin Sprinkle Box DIY

Hello Everyone,
As promised, here is the full DIY tutorial on how to create the Resin Sprinkle Box that I featured in yesterday's review post! If you happen to have missed yesterday's post, it was a review on Art Resin (which will be in today's tutorial). So if you want to learn more about Art Resin and what I thought about the product click here.

Ok, without further a do, let's get crafty! 

Art Resin
Mixing Cup (not pictured)
Stirring Stick (not pictured)
Gloves (not pictured)
Wooden Box
Plastic or Silicone Mold
Paint Brush
Tooth Picks (not pictured / optional) 

Step 1: Before I get into the resin step, I just wanted to explain the above picture. When mixing the resin I decided to try two different methods involving my sprinkles. The first method (which is row 1) I mixed the sprinkles into the resin, then poured it into the mold. The second method (which is row 2) I added the sprinkles into the mold, then poured the resin on top.

Now you can do either method but between the two I definitely like and recommend the second method. This is because the sprinkles are evenly distributed around the entire mold and the sprinkles do not fall to the bottom of the mold. Meaning, that if you do the first method (where you mix the sprinkles in with the resin then pour) you will only get sprinkles in one area of your mold because they will all fall to the bottom. 

So to make your actual resin, pour equal parts of resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B) into a cup and mix for three minutes. Once your done mixing, add your sprinkles into your mold. Make sure your mold is completely covered by a layer of sprinkles. Then pour your resin mixture into your mold. 

Once your resin is in your mold, set it aside to dry for 24 hours. 

To get more detail directions or to watch a video about how to use Art Resin click here

Step 2: While your resin is drying, paint your wooden box (inside and out) yellow.

Step 3: Once your resin has completely dried, gently pop your figurine out of the mold.

Step 4: Glue your figurine on top of your wooden box with your E6000. Then set your box aside to dry. 

Step 5: Squeeze some drops of paint onto a paper plate and dip different tooth picks into each color. Then take each tooth pick and make a small dot onto your wooden box. Keep repeating this step until the edges of your box's lid is covered. 

Now this step is optional but I think it really makes your box pop. Once your happy with the look of your box, set it aside to dry.

When your box is completely dry, your ready to use it! 

I loved how this little box turned out! My favorite part would definitely be the boarder which matches the sprinkled turtle.  

Are you fan of using resin in DIY projects?

xo Katie

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Art Resin Review

Hello Everyone, 
Recently I was contacted by the folks at Art Resin to see if I wanted to review one of their products. Since I usually try to fake the resin look in most of my projects, I thought it would fun to actually try out the real thing. 

So today I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Art Resin and give you sneak peek of a DIY (which uses the resin) that will be published tomorrow on the blog!

The resin (like I mentioned previously) that I'll be talking about today is from a company called Art Resin. Art Resin is a company that makes and sells high-gloss epoxy resin kits and epoxy resin accessories. The company itself was founded by Dave and Rebecca who are both photographic-artists. They originally started the company because they were tried of using resin products which had toxic fumes and discolored there artwork. 

After encountering this problem, they decided to find a better solution for using resin in their own projects. So after many years of researching and testing different resin formulas, they finally created Art Resin!

Now if you're not familiar with resin, it's basically a thick glossy topcoat which can be applied to photos, jewelry and other types of projects. What makes Art Resin different from other resin products is that it's much safer to use and is ''[...] formulated to keep artwork beautiful (as the artist intended), over time'' (Source). This is because Art Resin is the only product out of the market that includes both UV and HALS stabilization.

These stabilizations help to keep the artist's artwork from yellowing over time and help to provide a truly strong and protected topcoat which won't deteriorate the artist's artwork over time.  

Before trying out Art Resin, I had always stayed away from resins (in general) because of my allergies. For example, I'm someone who can't vacuum without sneezing a million times. So the thought of using a resin product where you had to go outside and wear a protected mask (due to the fumes), was just a no for me. That is why you actually see me using Mod Podge and Dimensional Magic in most of my craft projects.

The main reason why I wanted to test out Art Resin was because the product supposedly produce no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or fumes. Along those same lines, the product was also non-flammable and classified as a non-hazardous material. So in my mind, the product sounded like a much safer option than other resins I had seen.

As you can tell by the above photos, I decided to use Art Resin in a plastic mold to make a turtle. Before pouring the resin into the mold, I added sprinkles. This was because I wanted to incorporate something within the resin so I wouldn't have to paint my turtle later.

The whole process of mixing the resin and pouring it into the mold was super easy. When mixing the resin I decided to try two different methods involving my sprinkles. The first method (which is row 1) I mixed the sprinkles into the resin, then poured it into the mold. The second method (which is row 2) I added the sprinkles into the mold, then poured the resin on top. Between the two methods I definitely like the second method the best and decided to use that particular turtle mold in my project.

Besides the process being super easy, there was also no flumes! I was able to use the resin inside my house (in a well ventilated area of course) without getting a headache or aggravating my allergies. Also when using the resin, only a few air bubbles popped up and I was able to pop them with a pin.

In terms of the resin drying, my turtle dried completely after 24 hours, which was the expected drying time on the package. The only problem I had was popping the resin out of the plastic mold. This could have been due to a number of reasons but personally if I were to make this project again, I would use a silicone mold instead of a plastic one.

So in a nutshell, Art Resin was all the things that they claimed to be! It was easy to use, had no flumes and created (in my case) a really clear figurine. Also during the whole process of coming up with a project and figuring out how to use the resin, the Art Resin's website was a big help. This is because on their site you can read through a list of questions and answers about their product or watch YouTube videos instead. Either way, they have answers to a bunch of questions about their products and about resin in general.

If you're looking to try resin for the first time and want a safer option, then I would definitely check out Art Resin! You can learn more about Art Resin and there products by checking out there official website here.

Also make sure that you stop by tomorrow to see the full DIY tutorial on how you can make your own Resin Sprinkle Box!

xo Katie

*All opinions are my own and this is a sponsor post from Art Resin.* 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

DIY Shadow Box Storage

Hello Everyone,
Today I’m over at Blitsy showing you guys how to create this really cool shadow box storage! These shadow boxes are prefect for storing small items like knickknacks or craft supplies. 

To see the full tutorial click here.

xo Katie

Monday, August 10, 2015

Glitter Pup Shakers DIY

Hello Everyone,
Recently I was at Target and happen to noticed all of their cute salt and pepper shakers. Now I have no need for any brand new salt and pepper shakers, but that didn't stop me from bring home the cute little pups above! I ended up getting one turquoise French Bull dog and one white Bull Dog.

At Target you were able to mix and match the salt and pepper shakers because everything was being sold separately. So these two didn't actually go together but to be honest when you see all these little faces staring back at you on a shelf, you sort of want to get one of each! 

Before this shopping trip happened, I had an idea written down in my ''Blog / DIY Notebook'' about turning salt and pepper shakers into glitter shakers! Which basically meant I wanted to fill up cute little shakers with glitter instead of salt or pepper. When I saw the cute salt and pepper shakers at Target, I thought here is my DIY! 

So today I'm going to be showing you how you can turn any old salt and pepper shaker (whether there new or from the thrift store) into fun glitter shakers! 

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Tape (not pictured)
Cup (not pictured)
Gold Paint Pen (optional)

Step 1: Grab your salt and pepper shakers and decide whether you want to paint them or not. The goal here is to paint or paint accents of your shaker, the same color as the glitter that will be inside the shaker. For example, I decided not to paint my turquoise French Bull dog because I had the perfect turquoise glitter to fill him up with. 

However I did decide to paint my white Bull dog because I wanted to fill him up with gold glitter. In this case, I took my gold paint pen and painted his ears, paws and tail. I could have painted the whole thing gold but I liked the look of just painting a few areas of the shaker. 

When your happy with your shakers, set them aside to dry (if you painted them). 

Step 2: Take a small piece of tape and adhere it over the holes where the salt or pepper would come out of the shaker. By doing this we are saving our glitter from escaping the shaker when we fill it. Once you added your tape, flip the shaker over and remove its cork. Then place the shaker inside a cup and stick the glitter funnel in the cork's hole. 

Step 3 Now gently pour your glitter into the glitter funnel. The glitter funnel helps to control the mess while making sure that most of your glitter ends up in the shaker and not on your table. Once your shaker is completely filled, add the cork, flip it over and remove the small piece of tape. 

When all of this is done, you now have your own glitter shakers! 

Wasn't that super easy? This would also be great way to re-purpose any vintage salt and pepper shaker you might find on Etsy or while thrifting. Another nice thing about this project is that you really don't need a ''set'' of shakers. For example, if your thrifting and you see a lonely salt shaker with no mate, you could always bring him home and turn it into a glitter shaker! 

What do you think? Do you like the idea of turning salt and pepper shakers into glitter shakers? 

xo Katie

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Easy DIY Quote Wall Hanging

Hello Everyone,
Today I’m over at Blitsy showing you guys how to create this really easy and super customizable motivational wall hanging!

To see the full tutorial click here.

xo Katie


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