Thursday, April 17, 2014

Darby Smart Giveaway!!!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that Darby Smart is having a giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive my Charmed DIY Necklace kit. Which makes me super excited!

Below are some pictures of the actual kit.

If you want to learn more about whats in the kit you can read this post here. Also I am not holding this giveaway, Darby Smart is. So if you want to enter click here (you can also read all the rules and guidelines there as well).

The giveaway is open till April 23.

Good Luck!!!

xo Katie

p.s If you have any questions about the kit, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole

White rabbit from Alice in wonderland, Faux Taxidermy bunny
Hello Everyone,
Easter is right around the corner (actually its this Sunday)!! I don't know about you but I feel that this month has just flew by. Also to make matters a little more confusing it snowed last night (yes, I said snowed). Which means that where there is snow, there is cold weather (and you don't wanna get me started on cold weather lol).

My hope is that by Easter Sunday it will have warmed up and actually feel like spring. So for now I'll be crossing my fingers and toes and rubbing my rabbit's foot!

Today I thought it would be fun to take a trip down the rabbit hole or maybe a trip down Etsy's rabbit hole (since that where I found all these fabulous items).

bunny pillow rabbit
daintyme Enamel White Bunny Rabbit Easter 3-piece Ring Set

Instant Download. Happy Bunny. Rabbit  
Vintage Bunny Rabbit Cotton Ball Holder by Hammersley Ceramics
Bunnies - 8x10 Archival Print

That stackable bunny ring set is so darn cute! What is your favorite rabbit item?

xo Katie

p.s If anybody needs me I'll be down in the rabbit hole until the weather warms up (lol)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Bunny Candy Dish DIY

Hello Everyone,
If you love candy (especially Easter candy) then you'll love todays DIY.

Todays DIY will be an Easter Bunny Candy Dish which is perfect for holding all those jelly beans. Before we begin there are two things that you should know about this project. One the actual jar used in this DIY is a candle jar. So if you want to learn how I got all the wax out of the jar, then read this post here (I explain my whole process). Second I will be using rub ons. If you don't know what rub ons are, there basically images that you can transfer to another surface (by rubbing them). Rub ons come in a variety of styles and you find them at any craft store.

Now that you know all of that, lets get crafty!

Candle Jar
Tacky Glue
Paintbrush or Popsicle Stick
Tape or Masking Tape
Rub Ons 

picture 1
picture 2
Step 1: Cut out your rub ons and place them on your candle jar with some tape. Then with the end of a paintbrush or popsicle stick begin rubbing your image (make sure you follow the instructions for the specific rub ons your using). Once your done, your jar should look something like picture 2.

Step 2: Now at the base of your candle jar, apply a little bit of tacky glue and begin wrapping your string around the jar. Wrap the string around the jar as many times as you like and once your done cut off the end and glue it down. For an extra touch take some more string and make a small bow, then glue it to the front of your jar. 

When the glue is all dry, your ready to fill up your new candy dish! 

xo Katie 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Hot Glue Gun Tips

Hello Everyone,
If you been a follower of my blog for a while then you know that I love my glue gun (obviously lol). Well today I thought it would be fun to give my top 5 tips that I think all glue gun lover should know.

1. Warm Up: Before you start your project give your glue gun time to warm up. Personally, I can be a little impatience when it comes to this step. Usually when I'm getting ready to start a project, I get so excited that I only give my glue gun 3 minutes to warm up (and thats on a good day).

So what I found works the best, is to plug in my glue gun before I gather up the rest of my supplies. For example I'll plug in my glue gun, gather up my supplies, put on some music (cause I like to have something on in the background), get all settled in my chair and by the time I'm done my glue gun is already.

This may sound like a no brainier but using your glue gun before its all heated up can affect how well the glue will work (I know from experience). So how long should you allow you glue gun to heat up? Most articles I've read have said 10 minutes.

2. Know Your Glue Sticks: What? How is knowing about glue sticks a tip? Well, did you know there are glitter glue sticks, neon glue sticks even glow in the dark glue sticks!

Just as there are different sizes, colors and models of glue guns, there are just as many different types of hot glue gun sticks. Knowing your options can help you decide what to use in your next project.

Besides the glue sticks I mentioned above, Ad Tech produces High Temp Wood Glue, Low Temp Foam, High Temp Ultimate and Ultra Low Temp CoolGlue sticks.

3. The Hairdryer Is Your Best Friend: This is tip you have probably heard a thousand times but it does work! If you want to get rid of those pesky hot glue strings just take your blow dryer and blast your project for a few seconds.

4. Invest In A Second Glue Gun: Craft projects can get a little messy, especially if your putting crayons through your glue gun as glue sticks (see what I mean by checking out this awesome project).You can find tons of amazing projects that use a glue gun but some of those projects can end up ruining your glue gun.

Which is why its good to invest in second glue gun. That way you can have a ''nicer looking'' glue gun to use for those ''cleaner'' projects or for those projects around the house.

5. Invest In Hot Glue Gun Helpers: Now I'm probably going to sound like a broken record but Plaid's Hot Glue Gun Helpers are truly amazing! From the craft mat to the tools you really can't go wrong with this set. All the tools can be used in a variety of projects and are all specifically designed to help you get the most out of your glue gun. Also the most important thing about this set is that it prevent burns (which is always a plus lol)! I wrote up a whole blog post about HGGH back in February so if you want to learn more then click here.

So those are my top 5 glue gun tips. What are your tips that you have for using a hot glue gun?

xo Katie

p.s I think I've won the award for using the words glue gun the most times in a blog post lol.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ice Cream Scented Eggs DIY

Hello Everyone,
If your reading this blog post then your probably either really intrigued, a little confused or maybe grossed out. No matter how your feeling I think you'll get a kick out of this DIY.

After writing my Eggastic DIY post, I wanted to come up with my own unique way to decorate eggs. So I decided to combine my two favorite loves, ice cream and Easter. Today I will be showing you guys how to turn some plain brown paper mache eggs into some scrumptious scented ice cream eggs.

Lets Get Crafty!

Paper Mache Eggs
Mint Color Paint (or whatever color you want your ice cream egg to be)
Black Paint
Foam Brush
Perfume (in whatever scent your ice cream egg is supposed to be)

Step 1: Paint your eggs.

Step 2: Once your eggs are dry add any other little details. Since I'm making mint chocolate chip eggs, I added tons of chocolate chips to my eggs using some black paint. 

Step 3: When your completely done with your eggs, spray them with your perfume.

Put them in a basket or bowl and your done!

This is probably one of my favorite DIYs that I've done in a while. I love the look of the eggs in the bowl and they really do smell delicious!

Well, I'm off to get some real ice cream!

xo Katie 
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