Monday, November 17, 2014

Sock Monkey Banner DIY

Hello Everyone,
Long time no see! 

As you all know, I took a break from blogging and the blogging world to focuses on more personal matters and just to get away. It was a very nice break and I'm happy to say that I will be blogging more frequently now. Currently, I'm still in school and won't get out till the second week of December. So from now until then, I'm going to blog when I can. Meaning, that some weeks you might see three post and another week just one post. Will see how well I can do ;) Also I wanted to thank you all, for you kinds words that you left for me on different blog posts and on facebook. They really meant a lot to me. 

I thought for my first post back, that it would be fun to share with you this banner DIY. This banner DIY was super easy to make because most of the work was already done for you, due to this banner kit. The banner kit was something that I found at Meijers for pretty cheap. In this kit you get five wooden shapes with pre-drilled holes and a piece of long brown string. The kit also comes in different patterns, like a circle and triangle. 

What I really liked about the kit was that everything was already done for you and the only thing you had to do was decorate. So in this project I got out some old scrapbooking paper to create a really simple banner. 

Scrapbooking Paper
Wooden Banner Kit (here is a similar kit)
Mod Podge
Tacky Glue
Hole Punch (not pictured)

Step 1: Trace around your wooden banner cut outs onto your scrapbooking paper. Then cut your tracings out and glue them (using your Mod Podge and paintbrush) to your wooden cut outs. 

Step 2: Once your cut outs are dry, flip one over so you can see the holes. Then with your hole punch, punch out the two holes. Continue this method on the rest of your cut outs. 

Step 3: To add a bit of dimension, I glued on some real buttons (which match the button pattern on the scrapbooking paper) to my cut out. This step is completely optional but does add a nice little touch to your banner. If your thinking about using this step, then just look at your scrapbooking paper to see what 3D elements you could add. For example, you may be able to add rhinestones or glitter. 

Step 5: When your happy with the look of each of your cut outs, then your ready to connect them together. In the kit, you find a long piece of brown string. Feed this string in and out of each of the holes until all your cut outs are on the string.

Once your done, then your read to hang up your new banner!

By using this banner kit, you could create so many different looks for a bunch of occasions. Personally, I used the sock monkey scrapbooking paper because I collect sock monkey and thought the ''vintage'' looking paper went well with the brown string. However, this type of banner (using the sock monkey paper) would also look cute in a nursery. 

You could also use this kit and (coordinating) scrapbooking paper to create decorations for Christmas, weddings, baby showers or parties. 

So what do you think? Do you like this sock monkey banner? 

xo Katie

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Partner In Crafty Crime

Hello Everyone,
I've been putting off writing this post because for some reason I knew it would somehow finalize (in my mind) the events that have happen over the past week. 

Last Monday, my little Sparky passed away. 

He meant everything to me and was my whole world. Not having him in my life is indescribable. Ever since it was a little puppy he has always been my shadow. I never had to look far to find him because I always knew he was right behind me. No matter whether I was studying for a test or working on a project, he was always laying down under my desk or just sitting on my lap starting ''trouble''. 

I got Sparky, when he was only 12 weeks old. At the time I was 11 and just thought he was the best thing in the world. We got him on a very chilly Valentine's day weekend and discovered that he had the same birthday as me (which to my 11 year old self was just mind blowing). Ever since that chilly day and the 10 years that pass, we just grew up with each other. I never gave much thought about the inevitable because he was always healthy and just always by my side. Not having Sparky here now, just hurts on so many levels. 

My heart is filled with grief, pain and anger. The anger being from the way he pass which is something no pet owner should have to go through. I'm trying to stay ''positive'' and trying to focus on where he is at now (heaven), which is far better than suffering in this world. 

I don't know when I'll start blogging again. I will definitely come back before the month is up but I think I'm just going to take my time getting back into the swing of things. 

Thank you so much for your support and prayers that you may have said for Sparky in my last post. It really does mean a lot to me. 

xo Katie 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Prayers Needed

Hello Everyone,
Lately you've probably noticed that the blog has been kind of quiet. Well, a lot has been going on and I haven't felt the urge, much less the energy to write a post. Usually this is due to school work but lately its been due to more important matters. 

If you've been a follower of the blog, then you know about my crafty partner in crime Sparky. Even though Sparky is a ten year old maltese, I still refer to him as my little puppy. He has been sick on and off for the past few months and got diagnose with diabetes last Wednesday. Ever since Wednesday he has been getting sicker and sicker. The doctors believe he is in something called diabetic ketoacidosis which is very deadly disease. Right now we are giving him a fluids (since he is not eating) through an iv on his back. This whole process has been very scary and eye opening to how serious diabetes in dogs truly is. 

At this point there not much more we can do but wait on God to lead, guide and direct us on what to do next. I keep praying that God will heal Sparky and give him the urge to eat. If you guys could say a prayer for the little guy, I would greatly appreciated it. He means so much to me and I just love him. 

Also if you guys have any tips about diabetic dogs, I would love to hear them. You can leave a comment below or e-mail me


Monday, October 20, 2014

Grab A Mug

Follow Your Dreams Mug - Stylish Ceramic Mug
Hello Everyone,
Since the weather is getting chiller, that means its not only time to break out the scarves but its time to break out the mugs and hot chocolate. Lately I've been seeing tons of pretty typographic mugs on Etsy and thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorites 

Paris Is Always A Good Idea Mug
Coffee Mug
A Life She Loved Mug
Eat Cake For Breakfast Mug
Wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning with one of these mugs in your cabinet? My super de duper favorite ones out of the bunch are '' Paris Is Always A Good Idea'' and ''Eat Cake For Breakfast''. I just love the graphic look of typographic mugs, there clean, simple and the phrase on the mug really stands out. 

Since were talking about mugs, we might as well talk about drinks. Currently, I'm drinking dark hot chocolate every morning. If you've never tried dark hot chocolate, you need to because its soooo good. Some mornings (mostly on the weekends), I'll add a dollop of whip cream and some mini chocolate chips on top. I swear, its so yummy! 

What are you currently drinking this fall? Also what are your thoughts on typographic mugs?

xo Katie 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Simple Halloween Sticker Candy Dish DIY

Hello Everyone,
Were already into the third week of October and I haven't posted a Halloween inspired project! I know, that sort of bad for craft blogger but better late than never. So today I'm going to be showing you how to make a super simple Halloween inspired candy dish. This project would be great for pre-teens or anybody (cough,cough) who is a wee bit order and just wants to decorate there space. The project itself only involves two supplies and is really inexpensive to make.  

Candle Jar

Step 1: Clean out your candle jar. You can read this post where I explain my method for cleaning out candle jars. 

Step 2: Once your candle jar is cleaned out and completely dry (both inside and out), start applying your Halloween stickers. You can apply your stickers all around the jar (like I did) or make some sort of pattern. The possibility for stickers and patterns are endless.

Once your happy with the look of your jar, fill it up with candy and your done!

I loved how my candy dish turned out! The stickers that I used were either squares or rectangles, so applying them all around the jar, (I think) gave the jar a nice clean look. This project would also be a great way, to use up any left over Halloween stickers (from varies stickers packs) you may have been saving.  

What do you think? Do you like this Halloween Sticker Candy Dish?

xo Katie 
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